• Lyme Disease Non Medical Diagnosis and Treatment: How I Kicked Chronic Lyme disease in One Year for Pennies

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Learn the truth about Lyme Disease and proactive steps that you can take to win the battle of this difficult to diagnose and nearly impossible to cure with modern medicine destroyer of one's quality of life. Prepare yourself to be enlightened and empowered. An eye-opening book, let me know for the first time MMS(or CD) can treat Lyme disease. This book inspired me to try MMS and I'm so glad I did. MMS has been helping my recovery from Lyme disease more than anything else I've tried and it's so incredibly inexpensive and easy to use. I am flabbergasted about this underground secret source of so many illnesses and diseases! I will take the $25 test for any ailment from now on. Why doesn't the CDC know about this? I like the straightforward style the author uses to tell his story of healing. Using a simple solution you can make In your kitchen author Herb Richards weaves a story that makes sense for the novice person looking for answers To the question "will I ever beat Lymes disease?" This is a book of few pages that gets to the point quickly but still tells interesting details of how Medical Science had abandoned the patient and even worse mis-treated her. I was on the fence about ordering the book because of the low price. The knowledge I gained is worth many times the cost.

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