• Water Purifier - 7 Bottles - no activator

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There are seven (7 bottles) of the water purification drops -- 4 ounce bottles in the Family Pack of 7.   You may just pour the 10 drops liquid into 5 gallon buckets of water without activating to purify the 5 gallons, wait 24 hours before drinking the stored water.

(Do you need the acidic food activator such as citric acid?  You can also use lemons to active your water purifier. You may purity 1 gallon of water overnight using 1 to 3 drops of WP.

You may want to choose the 7 purifier sets and with activators added.  The bottles now come in a beautiful green oval bottle for easy packing and shipping. Price comes out to around $16 each delivered in the USA.

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